The Secret To Giving Your Sales Staff More Time To Help Them Be More Efficient Activate to edit the task name

September 11 2020

Your sales team is there to sell. Sounds simple, however this valuable resource can get pulled in to resolving customer queries and dealing with administration when they should be focused on closing a sale.

If your frontline sales team is spending more time managing the process of making a sale than closing it, you must evaluate how to utilise their precious time more effectively to generate more sales and therefore more profit for the company.

Better efficiency = more time = more sales

Efficiency begins and ends with time management and Stitch can help your company streamline its sales, customer service and administration to build a more successful sales team.

How can Stitch make your sales team more efficient and effective?

  • Multiple team members can collaborate and work from one shared inbox to focus on quality leads to close sales faster
  • Each customer conversation is housed under a single thread, so multiple team members can dip in and out of the conversation. If an employee leaves, or is out of the office, another team member can pick up where they left off, making the handover process painless
  • Using WhatsApp’s messaging platform, the double-tick feature lets your team know if messages have been read and received, and customer communication is visible so you can be sure they’ve received the right information 
  • Initial stages of conversation are automated through Stitch’s WhatsApp automation, allowing you to handle enquiries instantly and deliver a better customer experience, faster than your competitors 
  • The automated system sifts through enquiries, allowing good leads to be directed to your sales team for a quicker close
  • The shared inbox gives your team eyes on the full customer conversation, so they don’t need to repeat information for improved customer experience and faster resolution. Stitch allows you to build customer relationships allowing you to warm up a lead and close a sale at the right time

By maximising the filtering options offered by Stitch’s automated WhatsApp system, general customer queries and administration tasks can be directed to the right people, allowing your sales team to focus on what they do best.

Eliminate multiple communication channels and cohesively unite all your team under a shared platform. 

Make the switch to Stitch today.

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