We’re passionate about effective communication, enabling new & existing customers to seamlessly engage with your business. The founders of Stitch combine 35 years experience in running sales & customer service teams to bring you a range of solutions to better your client engagement strategy. 

Our Mission

To deploy best of breed technology to our clients that promote effective human interactions, thus greatly increasing customer service

Our Vision

We will enable your business to maintain the personal touch whilst scaling your teams’ communications capabilities through multiple communication channels, blending traditional email with new world social media messaging

What We Do

We make sense of the digital world, enabling businesses to embrace new technologies for more efficient communications. 


Stitch offer a bot consultancy service, so no matter what your requirements, we can tailor a solution that will drive efficiency & lower costs. 


With a range of SaaS solutions on the market, API’s and shared visibility are more important than ever. Let Stitch guide you on a path to efficient digital communications. 

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