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How to manage a shared inbox

Learn how to turn your inbox into a collaboration platform

Shared email addresses like contact@ or support@ make it easy for customers to contact your business but are costly for your team to manage. 

Introducing a shared inbox so your team can handle all your messages together means less time spent duplicating work, fewer missed messages, and more time spent delighting your customers.

Read this eBook to learn how to set up and manage a shared inbox for your team.

Managing Customer Relationships at scale.

Learn how to empower your customer success team to give a better experience by managing your communications in Front

Email wasn’t designed for the way customer success teams work. It makes working together difficult, lacks accountability, and ultimately, makes it hard for teams to connect the dots around customers. Customer success teams need a way to work collaboratively and efficiently, so they can focus on what matters: taking care of customers. 

Front Ultimate guide to CSAT

Your team’s success depends on one thing: happy customers.

In this ebook, we explore how to implement, measure, and train your team on CSAT, so you can take action to improve customer satisfaction and propel your business forward.

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