1 WhatsApp Number, Unlimited Team Members

The shared inbox for WhatsApp. Enable every team member to view and respond to every message you received via WhatsApp.


Sendbee is a conversational platform for WhatsApp. It integrates with the Official WhatsApp Business API to allow businesses view & respond to WhatAapp messages as a team, automate conversations with chatbots and send automated notifications to WhatsApp contacts.


Sendbee converts all your 3rd party leads received by email, including Marketplace portals such RightMove, Auto Trader, Quotezone, Zoopla into WhatsApp chats and can even prevent lost & abandoned calls by converting them into WhatsApp chats. Connect your on-premise or cloud PBX with Sendbee and start turning every caller into customer.


The world's most popular messaging app is now open for your business

Create a business profile on WhatsApp and connect with 2b+ users across the world.

Create WhatsApp Business API Account

WhatsApp Business API is in beta preview. You can request the access here.

Connect WhatsApp Business API Account with Sendbee

Connect your WhatsApp Business Api account with Sendbee.

Engage with Customers on WhatsApp

Chat directly with customers on WhatsApp via your Business profile.

Team Inbox

Manage and respond to all WhatsApp conversations from one place.


Automate conversations using our easy-to-use chatbot builder made for WhatsApp.

Convert leads into WhatsApp chats within seconds

Turn callers on hold into WhatsApp chats

Contact Management

Manage contacts and start a WhatsApp conversation with any contact with a click.

For Sales, Marketing & Customer Support

Scale your customer support, sales and marketing operations on WhatsApp easily with Sendbee.
  • 1 WhatsApp number, unlimited team members

    Enable every team member to see and manage every message you received via your WhatsApp Business number.

  • Send 'away' message outside of your working hours

    Send automated 'away' message to WhatsApp users when your business is closed.

  • Reply faster with quick replies

    Reply faster with message templates or respond automatically to customers.

  • Assign chats to team members

    Ensure faster responses by assigning chats to team members so no message gets dropped.

  • Automate conversations with chatbot

    Easily automate conversations by using our easy to use chatbot builder made for WhatsApp.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp Business Api

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Businesses API enables businesses to chat with their customers in the same way they chat with their friends and family – with fast, simple, and secure messaging. Enterprises of all sizes can use their current customer engagement platforms to integrate with WhatsApp through the API and reply to their customers promptly with messages, notifications, shipping confirmations, appointment reminders or event tickets.

Which businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API?

Businesses of all sizes looking to provide their customers with a direct channel of communication, prompt support, and an efficient customer experience are eligible to use the WhatsApp Business API. Presently, availability is limited and WhatsApp will review each submission on a case-by-case basis.

What are the use cases for WhatsApp Business API?

You can use the WhatsApp Business API for a large number of non-promotional cases. These include but are not limited to: travel updates and ticket confirmation, in-message payment links and receipts, order placements, reservations, delivery updates, appointment reminders, and direct customer communication enabling your team to offer efficient and personalized support.

How do I start using WhatsApp Business API?

To start using the WhatsApp Business API, you need to submit a request, as it’s still in a limited preview. You can submit a request directly via Facebook or WhatsApp solution providers, check the list of providers here. After your request is approved and your business account is created, you can use Sendbee to connect with WhatsApp users. Sendbee offers a business chat and conversational commerce solution that easily integrates with the WhatsApp Business API. If you have requested access to the WhatsApp Business API via a solution provider, they will notify you when you are ready to go. Disclaimer: Sendbee is not a WhatsApp solution provider. Sendbee is a solution that works by integrating with official WhatsApp Business Api.

How much does the WhatsApp Business API cost?

Replies to customer-initiated messages are free over the WhatsApp Business API. However, any communication outside of a 24-hour window from the first message will come at a fixed cost per message, depending on the country.
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